Reserving Venues

Venue Reservations

Reserving A Venue

Take Your Event to New Heights with artistic flare at Ent Center for the Arts at UCCS in beautiful Colorado Springs!

The University of Colorado in Colorado Springs is located on a gorgeous 500-acre campus that is near the foot of the Rocky Mountains. Surrounded by Colorado Springs’ stunning natural landscapes, the venue provides the perfect scenery and ambiance for your live performance, conference or social event.

With seven venue options inside the Ent Center for the Arts, as well as our outside sculpture garden, our facility can hold anywhere from 20-800 performers, audience members or community guests at an event. Our venue options have state-of-the-art audio technology and all are perfectly fit for a unique and artful experience.

Individuals planning events will be happy to find that UCCS provides state of the art audio/visual technology, optional catering services and a patron services team dedicated to guide, inform and ticket your event.

Events booked prior to 8 weeks of their event will have access for an additional fee for a basic marketing push within Ent Center for the Arts website and newsletters.

We are excited to feature your creative event and look forward to hearing from you. Reserve your venue now to ensure an artful experience that everyone will talk about for years to come.

*High Elevation Warning: If you are just arriving in Colorado from lower elevations, give yourself a day or two to acclimate. Stay hydrated by drinking adequate amounts of water and limit alcohol consumption. Drinking dehydrates you and makes other symptoms worse. Altitude sickness symptoms include fatigue, nausea, headaches, vomiting, dizziness, insomnia, weakness, and lightheadedness. You can purchase oxygen in a can before your arrival at the Ent Center to help alleviate Altitude Sickness.

Venue rental rates are available upon request. All rental charges refer to the rental of the space and do not include the cost of labor, equipment, or other cost related to the event.