UCCS Dramaturgy

UCCS Dramaturgy






Dramaturgy refers to the art and practice of dramatic composition and theatrical representation. It encompasses the study and analysis of scripts, the historical and cultural context surrounding a play, the intentions of the playwright, and the strategies for presenting a play to an audience in a meaningful way. Dramaturges work to bridge the gap between the script and the performance, ensuring that the director's vision aligns with the textual and thematic nuances of the play, thereby enhancing the overall impact and understanding for the audience.

Explore the inspirations and ideas that shape the creative vision behind Theatreworks and UCCS Theatre productions!

Dive deep with these illuminating reads to enrich your experience prior to attending a performance, or return to this page afterwards as you sit with your thoughts about our work. UCCS Dramaturgy is led by Professor Max Schulman, a regular contributor, and supplemented by student and visiting professional dramaturges. 

Othello Dramaturgy
The Tragedy of Othello, the Moor of Venice - Jack Shuttleworth, BGen, USAF (ret)

Imagining Othello Across Time in Love and War - UCCS Student Dramaturges - Carla Brown, Journee Dortch, Precious Holland, AJ Jones, and Nahum Zewdiee